Critical vulnerabilities often hide under the radar of security challenges today. When exploited, lack of effective vulnerability response carries major impact to business reputation and data security.

We can help you to implement Service Management software which will respond automatically. Whenever critical vulnerabilities are found, Vulnerability Response can automatically initiate an emergency response workflow that notifies stakeholders and creates a high-priority patch request for IT.

Align business context with risk and threat intelligence for faster, more efficient vulnerability management.

Benefits of Vulnerability Response

  • Manage exposure risk: Get a centralized view of exposure with a unified reporting dashboard.
  • Get the context you need: Respond quickly, confidently, and accurately to critical vulnerabilities.
  • See vulnerabilities in real time: Understand your risk posture and manage policy compliance with continuous monitoring.
  • Simplify response: Empower your team with frictionless workflows that ensure consistent, repeatable processes.

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