Vignette of Computer Vision

Computer Vision is a combination of cameras, Edge- or Cloud-based computing, software, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable systems to see and identify objects. Object detection is an indispensable intricacy in computer vision that many visual applications model. It interprets and understands the visual world through the power of neural networks that guide systems in their image processing and analysis.

Affirmative Consequence

Ambient Commerce

Deep Learning Advancements

Facial Recognition

Merged Reality with AR/VR

Unmanned Aeriel Vehicles (UAVs)

Optical Character Recognition

Rise of Edge Computing

Semantic Instance Segmentation

Smart Cities

Social Distancing

Pre-eminence of Computer Vision

  • 100% Product Inspection - The ability to visually detect the quality of a product through automatic quality inspection systems
  • 8% Rise in ( CAGR) – Compound Annual Growth Rate with vision-guided robotic systems and application- specific computer vision systems
  • Cost Reduction in Repair and Scrapping – Proactive detection of defects during the developing process
  • Reduction in Cycle Times -Simpler and Faster processes with accuracy
  • Operational and Security benefits – Reducing human intervention during development process
  • Automates Repetitive Inspection Tasks – Eliminates subjective factor

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