Artificial Intelligence simulates human intelligence in machines programmed to anticipate similarly to humans. It has capability to rationalize and take decisions like learning and problem solving. Artificial Intelligence is based on reasoning, learning and perception. Algorithms act as structure using mathematics, computer science, linguistics, psychology in the artificial intelligence. Weak AI are simple and single task oriented whereas and Strong AI are complex like humans.

AI researches have been in the areas of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning leading to easy availability of data and parallel processing. GPU clusters are widely used as Cloud Services over the Internet. It automates repetitive learning and discovery through data. Analyses deeper data through neural networks building a fraud detection system.

It adds intelligence to existing applications like implementing automation, conversational platforms, bots and smart machines , combining with large amounts of data. It comprises of several progressive learning algorithms involving classification and predictive analysis. It provides high level accuracy through deep neural networks using Deep Learning, Image Classification and Object Recognition. It analyses the data and implements self-learning.