How to Achieve Exceptional Business Outcomes with ServiceNow?

Every enterprise business has many issues in their day in day out processes. Almost every leader always think about where to start? What is next? What will be best decision for their business improvement? Whether it is your 1st ServiceNow implementation project or you are expanding use of ServiceNow Plaform, you may be industry expert or a tech expert, you’ve probably asked yourself these questions. And with ServiceNow Create, you can get the answers.

ServiceNow designed Now Create to help everyone who is involved in the planning and delivery of a ServiceNow implementation project and not just at the beginning but at almost each step, from start of project to till finish.

Ready for implementation

We at InputZero provides reliable ServiceNow implementation services to create predictable outcomes in any implementation approach.

The right ServiceNow Implementation Services for your project

Have you ever worked with a methodology but struggled to figure out how to apply it and implement a product to achieve a specific outcome? InputZero removes this guesswork, implement ServiceNow for specific projects, and specific outcome goals. Enterprises can quickly start planning and executing their projects and improve speed and quality of delivery while reducing risk.

ServiceNow Implementation Core Methodology

The Now Create core hybrid waterfall methodology includes sequential project phases and exit gates as the foundation for ServiceNow projects. There are five project phases applied across all ServiceNow projects:


Understand the business objectives; establish program governance; establish the project team; formally kick-off the project.


Conduct process, platform, and integration workshops; define, review and prioritize the product backlog; release planning; finalize the project timeline; document the test strategy; setup the environment.


Run agile scrum cycles; define support processes and hypercare approach; execute communications and awareness roadshows; plan for system and user acceptance testing.


System testing and user acceptance testing; go-live planning; operational readiness; training; go-live.


Operational handover; hypercare support; lessons learned; measure value and champion success; formally close the project

We’ll help you increase your enterprise's efficiency with ServiceNow. We will make sure that you get the most out of ServiceNow software by partnering with us.

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