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Powerful solution delivers employees seamless digital experiences from anywhere to drive worker productivity and satisfaction.

According to Blake McConnell, senior vice president of employee workflow products, ServiceNow, “After having adapted to a new world of remote work over the last six months, businesses must now shift from crisis to planning mode. This includes reimagining the processes and systems that keep employees safe and productive in a distributed environment. Powered by the Now Platform, Workplace Service Delivery is designed to be the foundation for modern, connected employee experiences in all work environments, helping enterprises optimize how they manage workplaces and workforces going forward.”

New ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery solutions include:

Workplace Case Management

It enables Workplace service teams to manage their service interactions with employees without relying on generic tools like email, phone calls and walkups. It allows them to standardize the documentation, interaction, and fulfillment of employee inquires and requests while having visibility into the quantity and types of incoming cases.

Workplace Reservation Management

It allows employees to book and reserve any physical workspace from an omnichannel self-service interface. They can reserve a desk, office, equipment or parking space for a day or week via their mobile device or desktop. Employees can also book a conference room for a team meeting based on availability from a graphical Gantt view. Employees can create the best environment for their meetings, so the meeting time, worker time and amenities are optimized for productivity.

Workplace Visitor Management

It allows employees to easily register guests arriving to the workplace, while automating the task and visitor communication processes for their scheduled arrival. Workplace teams and office receptionists can easily monitor visitor arrival status with real-time dashboards. Automated tasks and approvals are generated to initiate building access, badge printing, Wi-Fi access and any other requirements for their arrival. Workplace Visitor Management will be available within Workplace Service Delivery later in October.

Workplace Space Management

It provides workplace administrators the tools and visibility they need to help plan and optimize for the evolving digital workplace. Workplace teams can use space utilization tools and dashboards to optimize floor space and meeting room usage. Workplace Space Management will be available within the Workplace Service Delivery offering next month.

For companies planning their safe return to work strategy, Workplace Service Delivery provides the ability to establish safe distancing for workspace reservations in addition to automated cleaning task assignments after daily use.

Customers looking to expand these capabilities with employee health screening, contact tracing and PPE inventory management, employee travel safety, and targeted employee campaigns can easily add the ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite and HR Service Delivery to form a complete return to workplace solution.

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