Accelerate Project Delivery with ServiceNow IT Business Management

Businesses can make use of information technology through the use of computers and different software to run their operations in a smoother fashion. Information Technology Business Management (ITBM) is a set of workflows and tools for optimally delivering, developing and managing business services through an IT-focused lens. The goal of ITBM is to support organizations more systematically. You need to understand how technology environment relates to business goals, plans, and requirements.

ITBM encompasses:

  • Project Portfolio Management/Strategic Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Resource and Demand Management
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Operations and Finance Management
  • Change Management

Does your business need ITBM?

Usually, organizations have used legacy business management systems and workflows to comprehend their overall business needs. These systems need an organization to manually collect and understand all of their data. Businesses always depends on a mixture of emails, spreadsheets, manual integrations, and unstructured workflows.

With literally hundreds of functions and lots of workflow solutions, it can be challenging to choose what your company needs and how they can get the most out of ServiceNow.

ServiceNow ITBM offerings are structured into three main ITBM service packages; each service package is designed to offer specific benefits to the organization:

ITBM Foundation Services

Combines data and tools, and eliminates redundant, unlike, and contradictory siloes within the organization

ITBM Transform Services

Delivers business-driven portfolios that offer an overview of requirements and the value brought by each, concentrating on financial performance, governance, and resource utilization

ITBM Innovate Services

Includes use of analytical performance data and planned business convergence to increase value; emphases on attaining an organization’s most ambitious outcomes spanning the entire enterprise

ServiceNow as a company implemented ServiceNow ITBM within its own enterprise to quantify the benefits of ServiceNow ITBM. With full use of ITBM Project Portfolio Management, they have realized the following key benefits:

  • 20% acceleration in time-to-value from project approval to capability delivery
  • 60% reduction in average time to screen and approve projects
  • 4,342 hours saved per year through real-time reporting and dashboards
  • $354,900 saved each year in project management costs

Why Businesses Choose ServiceNow For ITBM?

Strategic Portfolio Management, also known as Project Portfolio Management, is one of the key elements of mature ITBM processes. Project Portfolio Management delivers on all three strategic IT priorities:

Increased velocity

By automating manual processes and consolidating management and reporting, ITBM lets fast-track your high-priority projects. ITBM has capability to improve collaboration, agility and responsiveness.

Better visibility and insight

With automated, self-service dashboards and reports, critical information is just a few clicks away and available 24/7. Managers and project leads can make immediate allocation decisions and real-time adjustments to ensure project delivery commitments are met.

Improved employee experience

ServiceNow IT Business Management is a strategic asset for any IT organization seeking to improve visibility into all their demand, resources and project portfolio to more effectively prioritize, manage and deliver projects that generate greater value and support better business outcomes.

Choose an Experienced ServiceNow Partner

The best way to maximize your ServiceNow platform is to start by collaborating with an experienced ServiceNow partner. InputZero has 10+ years of experience working with enterprise organizations to make sure that they are receiving the greatest benefits from ServiceNow.

We’ll help you increase your efficiency with ServiceNow. We focus much of our expertise on this platform, which will make sure that you get the most out of your ITBM software by partnering with us.

Reach out to our sales department today at, to know how we can help you implementing ITBM in your organization.