The ability to gain insights from your data is critical – it lets you make faster and smarter decisions as you tackle your most complex business issues. Informed executives make more insightful decisions that deliver improved business outcomes across the enterprise by gaining visibility into key IT performance indicators through point-and-click analysis, advanced reporting, and a dashboard view of critical IT processes.

Improve decision-making by taking advantage of the following industry-leading functionality:

  • Fully customizable, personalized, and role-based views for key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned with ITIL® best practices
  • Highly intuitive, graphical interface with right-time metrics aggregated across IT processes
  • Drill-down and trending capabilities across business services
  • A pre-built data “universe” that lets non-technical users create reports in seconds, without programming
  • A Web-based interface for interactive, ad hoc query and analysis
  • Summarized, cross-functional views of IT performance

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