SRM v8.xImplementation


A top retail chain in USA which is also a fortune 500 company and has global presence for its competitive pricing and mega stores across USA and other countries.


To Use BMC Remedy ITSM V8.0 suite of products for their Service management and implement Service Request and Fulfillment ensuring IT security policies and access.


  • Rolled out SRM interface with Work Order management and Incident management.
  • Automated access based and Password Reset requests
  • Approvals process integrated for ensuring security compliance
  • Designed and implemented more than 100 SRDs

Value Delivered

  • Automated Requests for access and password reset.
  • Approval process set to ensure IT access and security compliance.
  • Rolled out the system live in less than 3 months end to end.

ITSM Implementation & 24x7 Support


A large European Telecom Service Provider having BMC Remedy implementation across 13 countries and 150K B2B Customers, with approx 2000 concurrent users


  • Rolled out Incident Management, Change Management and SLA Management.
  • Maintain Remedy 24x7x365 operations support ITSM 7x Upgrade Implementations and support for NOC, managed services and Fault managemen
  • ITSM enhancements stream supported.
  • More than 15 sync and async interfaces Supported
  • End to End CMDB Modeling for handling 100000 Telecom services of the provider.

Value Delivered

  • Decreased ticket count from 100 to 30 per day over a time period of 1 year
  • Various service improvements, enhancements and user training.
  • Implemented scripts for proactive monitoring on critical failures for quick resolutions and minimum disruption

ITSM v8.0 Operational Readiness & Performance Benchmarking


Client is into Insurance domain and offer products , services exclusively through professionally licensed independent insurance agents.


To Use BMC Remedy ITSM V8.0 suite of products for their Business Solution, they need to ensure Operation readiness and performance benchmarking with a Testing solution for their critical business scenarios.


  • Performance test stratégie, planning & design.
  • Test environment and Infrastructure architecture and setup.
  • Automate their functionality to know how the application is behaving under the specific load from the end users
  • Captured response times and application response capabilities for “Key Business process”.

Value Delivered

  • Automated the functionality of the application using loadrunner tool for testing activities like peak load testing.
  • Baseline testing of their application and the response times.
  • Metrics regarding time taken to create the incidents or searching for the incidents

Areas of Engagement - Implementation, Customization, Integration, Testing, Data Migration and Factory Model.


  • A British government services company based in United Kingdom. Among its operations are public and private transport and traffic control, aviation, military and nuclear weapons contracts, detention centers and prison and school.


  • Requirements are not specified clearly.
  • Data was not preloaded as expected


  • ‘Remedy OnDemand’ 8.1, Atrium Orchestrator 7.6, Atrium CMDB 8.1, SAML, Data Migration, Factory Model


  • Implementation of ‘Remedy OnDemand’8.1, BMC Atrium Orchestrator 7.6, BMC Atrium CMDB 8.1
  • Migration of 220 reports & Conversion of 32 AIE Jobs to AI.
  • Implementation and Customization IM, SRM, CMDB, Asset Management, Atrium Orchestrator, SAML
  • Creation & Configuration of Service Request Definitions
  • Data Migration in 5 Waves including Legacy, Tenants and Clients data
  • Testing:- Unit, System, UAT, Operational Readiness Testing

Value Delivered

  • Successful & On-Time Implementation, Data Migration & Factory Model
  • Developed more than 160 SRD’s
  • Resolved Product Level and other Sev1 Issues
  • Implemented Factory Model, hence resulting in cost saving
  • Prepared complete documentation for Strategies, Designs, Development, Documents and Test cases.
  • Prepared re-usable Test Scripts for:
    1. • Transactional – Asset, Cl, Contract
    2. • Process Setup – Incident, Change, People, Geography, Location, People Organization


Coming Soon...



A global provider of products and services in engineering, construction, maintenance, modification and operation of new and existing oil and gas fields.


  • To Use BMC Remedy ITSM V8.1 suite, Virtual Agent & Chat, CMDB 8.1, Atrium SSO 7.6, SAP BO Analytics-7.6, Dashboard for BSM 7.7 in order to Implement all customisations and Integrations
  • Implementation of Advanced SR and creation of reports with the limited information/data
  • Installation of SAP BO, Analytics & Dashboard
  • Creation of custom reports in Analytics by creating new objects & Measures at universe level, as OOB objects were not fulfilling the requirement.
  • Fixing the defects identified in the analytics reports created by other team mates.


  • Installation of ARS & ITSM
  • Implementation of Virtual Agent
  • Implementation of SSO
  • Customisations for ARS & ITSM
  • Unit testing
  • SIT Support & defect fix
  • UAT Support & defect fix
  • Building Staging environment
  • Data migration
  • Report creation in Analytics
  • Migration of reports
  • New custom universe creation
  • Documentation submitted
  • Preparing the Build Document
  • Preparing the construction document

Value Delivered

  • Completed the installation of ARS 8.1 & ITSM
  • Successfully implemented the SSO in Load Balancer architecture
  • Successfully implemented the virtual agent & chat
  • Successful installation of Analytics & Dashboard
  • Successfully created the custom reports with minimum defects.
  • Prioritized defects
  • Defect fixing was complemented as per agreed timelines.
  • Continuous Interaction with client and working on process improvement.
  • Successfully upgraded ARS 8.1 unpatched to 8.1 patch 002



A multinational information technology (IT) consulting, systems integration, outsourcing, and solutions company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. This company is using an internal application called ICAM for external customer associated with this organisation, for raising service request from different services. 


Objective of this activity is to integrate ICAM application with ITSM system. So that company can track the fulfilment of ICAM service request. WS integration has been done to integrate ICAM with ITSM. 


  • Development of webservice for to & fro communication between ICAM (external system)& ITSM application.
  • The integration to handle high volume data traffic.
  • Requirement & Definition of users, applications, interface are not clearly defined.
  • Inadequate requirement for field mapping amongst the system

Solution & Services

  • Environment : BMC Remedy 8.1 (on-premise), SOAP UI 4.1. ICAM
  • New field has been created on Work Order Interface form to capture the completed date of the ICAM Service Request.
  • TLS secured connection is used for communication between both the application, so that the data send from ICAM to ITSM application should flow in secured manner.
  • New workflows has been written to fetch the people information and Work Order Template information.
  • New WebService has been created through which ICAM will pass the below mentioned information into the system enabling users to check the status of request.
  • Email ID – ICAM will pass the email id and on the basis of email, custom workflow will run and set the people id in Customer person ID field on Work order Interface form.
  • Template Name – ICAM will pass the Operational tier 3 value in this field, on the basis of this value, custom workflow will run and set the GUID of Template form to Template ID of Work Order Interface form.

Value Delivered

  • New field has been created on Work Order Interface form.
  • Custom workflow has been created to achieve the functionality.
  • Few existing workflow has been modified, so that the functionality can be achieved.
  • New Web Service has been created and published , so that the published web service can be consumed by ICAM application and required data can be transferred to and fro.
  • Tested the functionality by using SOAP User interface and checked that everything is working as per requirement or not.
  • Unit test cases has been executed and reports are provided.
  • Automated ticket generation.

Process Consulting & Implementation

Client Requirements

  • Modules: Incident, Change, Knowledge and Service Request Catalogue, Facilities Management and ServiceNow discovery
  • Requirement: Achieve a process Maturity of 4 from a current score of 2.5 on the basis of ITIL Process score card.
  • Process Consulting and re-engineering and align the existing process of IM and CM with ITIL best practices.
  • Implement and customize Modules for all above processes based on agreed processes.
  • Enabling Users to create facilities requests using floor maps.

Key Challenges

  • Process Workshops-As client had very little knowledge about existing processes(IM and CM), extracting the knowledge from tool and documents in less than two weeks.
  • Requirement gathering, consulting and Implementation of Facilities management to streamline facilities requests, tracking and slamanagement, reports and dashboards based on categories, locations and buildings.
  • Client adoption based on new processes and new tool.
  • Client Requirements
  • ESS customization

Success & Deliverables

Approach Adopted:
Followed agile approach and delivered the solution in one phase.


  • Process Re-engineering, AchievedProcess Maturity Score of 4.5 implementation in ServiceNow.
  • Automated tracking of facilities requests and SLA management
  • User Adoption of tool and processes

Performance Testing of ITSM Applications


Client Company belongs to Insurance Domain. Client Corporation's companies offer their products and services exclusively through professionally licensed independent insurance agents. . Client’s Policyholders and independent insurance agents can expect: Effective relationships Meaningful partnerships in the marketplace robust product set and risk appetite Consistent, disciplined underwriting High quality products, services, and outcomes

Business Scenario

Client is using BMC Remedy ITSM V8.0 suite of products for their Business Solution of which they need to have performance testing solution using loadrunner for their critical business scenarios.


  • Client is facing challenges to automate their functionality to know how the application is behaving under the specific load from the end users.
  • With a change to BMC Remedy ITSM v8.0 suite, client is not sure of response times and application response capabilities for “Key Business process”.
  • This is important to ensure that Client’s customers receive a better or similar service as today
  • The technical Challenges client is facing about the expertise which IZT has provided for their business solution.


  • Load Testing Environment:Loadrunner 11.0, Performance center 11.0, ICCU virtual application servers, BMC Mid Tier 8.0 Apache Tomcat-web server
  • Operating System:Windows 2008:sp2.std.x64
  • Presentation: VM tier
  • Database Server: MSSQL2008R2.Std
  • BMC Environment:
  • ITSM 8.0 Production Environment




  • 3 Virtual instance for Remedy AR/ITSM Servers
  • 4 VCPU , 16GB RAM, Windows 2008 SP2.std.x64
  • 1 Virtual instance for BMC reporting and Analytics
  • 4 VCPU , 8GB RAM, Windows 2008 SP2.std.x64
  • 2 Virtual instances for BMC SSO
  • 2VCPU , 4GB RAM, Windows 2008 SP2.std.x64
  • 3 Virtual instances or Apache Tomcat
  • 4 VCPU , 8GB RAM, Windows 2008 SP2.std.x64
  • 2 DBaas Virtual Server
  • 8 VCPU,32 GB ram , Data-100,logs-40,temp-60,backup-200GB, MSSQL2008R2.Std
  • 1DBass Virtual Server for reporting & analytics
  • 8 VCPU,12 GB ram Data-100,logs-40,temp-60,backup-200GB, MSSQL2008R2.Std


Setting up the Test Environment

Performance scenarios like

  • Business critical transactions
  • Most frequently accessed transactions
  • Performance intensive transactions

Performance Goals:

  • Response Time < 5 seconds)
  • User load. application should be able to handle 200 concurrent users)
  • Transaction Rate. Application must be able to create 250K incidents with 100 users.
  • Hardware Resource Utilization CPU utilization on application server should not exceed 70%)


  • For Remedy Application we have implemented the Use of different protocols to be used to automate the functionality
  • We suggested them to verify the test data dependency and user mix distributions and load testing patterns.
  • Evaluated different request handling tools like fiddler to handle the ajax requests in the remedy application.


  • We have automated the functionality of the application using Loadrunner tool for their testing activities like peak load testing and baseline testing of their application and they came to know how the response times are having with respect to the load and data loads in the DB server.
  • We have given the metrics regarding time taken to create the incidents or searching for the incidents and other scenarios so that end users will know how much time they are taking for the scenarios to be completed.
  • Loadrunner tool is used to automate the scenario processes which helps them to tune the application with the DB server and transaction querys.

ServiceNow User Interface customization

About Client

  • Client is into financial technologies focused on banking and payments technologies.
  • Servicenow(ITIL+ITSM+WEB 2.0+PAAS+SAAS)
  • Eureka(Version)
  • Applications used: Service catalog management,ACL,Workflows.


  • Implement Incident Management where Group must be selected when assigning the Incident to assignee or user.
  • To automate the process of changing the status of Incident when Group is selected.
  • To control access on fields in Incident Management. 
  • Implement validation on specific fields in Change Management
  • Implement visibility of choice lists according to Roles assigned to Users.


  • Created UI Policies and field dependency.
  • Created Business rule to automating the state changing process.
  • Created ACL to provide security on fields.
  • Created Business rule.
  • Created UI Policy and UI Script for specified role and choices.


Result achieved:
  • Successfully implemented the UI policy on fields.
  • Implemented group selection and State changing process.
  • Successfully provided security for State field in Incident Management.
  • Cannot select Assignee until Group is selected.
  • Implemented Business Rule to automate the process of state changing .
  • It will make State field read only using ACL.
  • It will display different choice list specified in UI Policy and UI script.

SERVICENOW Implementation at BFSI customer

Client Requirements

  • Modules: Incident, Change, Request, Problem, CMDB, Catalogue, Reports, Process Consulting
  • Requirement: Process Consulting & Workshops, Implementation of ITSM modules based on ITIL best practices & IZT proprietary framework and Integration with SSO, AD, Email, Jira & SMS gateway.
  • Customer is into BFSI domain running on IT critical applications


  • Aggressive time lines.
  • Consulting in Catalogue , Processes, Foundation Data streamlining.
  • Migration from existing tool to ServiceNow
  • Limited in-house expertise and had to deep dive into systems for understanding existing functionality and develop processes


  • Deliverables: Developing Process blueprint, GAP analysis, Cumulative process score card, Process Reengineering & documentation. ITSM modules implementation. Integration with multiple SSO and AD.
  • Delivered Implementation and Integration in 2 Months timeline.

SERVICENOW Implementation at E-Commerce company

Client Requirements

  • Modules: Incident, Change, Request, Problem, CMDB, Catalogue, Reports, Discovery
  • Requirement: Implementation of ITSM modules and integrating ITSM with the discovery and other business processes like HR, Admin, Finance. Integration with SSO, Google ADFS, Email, AD, OKTA.
  • Customer is a top cab aggregator in India whose business is ecommerce based and IT critical


  • Custom ESS design
  • Segregation of tickets based on department
  • Segregation of SLA, auto routing rule etc based on department
  • Custom application for one department different dashboards for different role (CAO and department heads)
  • Separate email integration for different departments


  • Deliverables: Configured 150+ SLA’s. Created dynamic workflows in order to cater to adhoc changes and new requirements. Created 54 dashboards. Customized OOB ESS - customized menu content, customized ESS homepage, customized broken pages, Customized SSO login page, etc. Implemented of complete ITSM suite. Integration of legacy applications. Consulting on Integration approach.
  • Approach Adopted: Followed waterfall distributed in phases. Executed in a fixed bid model.

Swift IPCC Implementation

Client Requirements

Customer seeking their IT environment aligned with ITIL Best Practices
Quick Greenfield Implementation of

  • Incident
  • Problem
  • Change
  • CMDB
  • Email & AD Integration
  • Knowledge Base


Customer seeking their IT environment aligned with ITIL Best Practices

  • Absence of ITSM Processes across the board
  • Adhoc Incident Management in few functions only
  • High MTTR
  • Delayed Triage & Routing
  • Minimal Change Management


  • Greenfield implementation ITSM Processes including CMDB went live in 10 Weeks
  • Incoming Email Integration
  • AD Integration
  • 85% reduction in MTTR
  • 75% reduction in Response and Resolution time
  • Better control over change in IT Infrastructure
  • 4.5 CSAT out of 5

ServiceNow Asset Management & Integration

Customer seeking End to End Asset Management Process to


Client Requirements

  • For Integrating Service Requisition process with Procurement and Asset Process
  • Attaining highest degree of Software Compliance
  • Hardware and Software Asset Management Process


Designing Process integration between
  • Current Processes working in Silos
  • No existing Asset Management process
  • Requisition
  • Procurement
  • Fulfilment
  • Asset Management


  • Implemented a custom Microsoft SCCM Discovery to ServiceNow Integration with 90% auto discovery.
  • Process reengineering and implementation to integrate PeopleSoft with ServiceNow
  • End to End Software License Management Process Operational
  • Automated process to keep organization 90% compliant at every time

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