Services Modelling is about giving relationship to all your service elements once they are identified.
This helps establish dependency on each element for the wholesome/End service being available to the customer.
CMDB enables this by allowing service elements to be stored as CIs and define relationships between them. This can be represented graphically and also help in evaluating the impact on the service when individual elements outage or planned change happens.

The first hand analaysis helps reduce unplanned downtime and ensures maximum availability of the service for the customer. With the cloud infrastructure, physical elements have now changed to a service mode and Input Zero leads here in designing the service map of the customer and aligning into CMDB.

Over years Input Zero has modelled CMDB Services with complex SLAs for Telecom domain where the CIs/ Service elements are to the tune of 1 Mn. We have been doing this for quite some time now and consider ourselves able to handle complexity of this level elsewhere.

SLAs play a key part in service availability but Input Zero ensures they are implemented and defined at Customer service level by considering the role of individual elements of service in the design. This saves the customer from being deceived of false SLAs and reporting.

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