Telecom Services today are so complex in terms of customer requirement that it is a big challenge to fullfill them in entirely. This brings in a need for the telecom service providers to be able to collaborate with other telecom service providers and extend their reach and portfolio to be able to deliver services to their prime and trustworthy customers. The another big factor is the cost of operations. The telecom backbone infrastructure has been technologically advanced and the time of investments getting ripe does not look feasible unless we can reduce on the last mile connectivity. The need for collaboration with other licensed operators is obvious to harness the unused last mile connectivity of their assets and bring in additional revenue to them.

The above business needs should be managed and realized through the system having seamless connectivity and options to integrate with 3rd party Service providers/ other licenses operators. Our enterprise level product offering “Off-Net Order Management” has everything that is required to manage the Off-net services.

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